Elevate your Fire Safety with this Fire Extinguisher Hazard Chart

Please use our Hazard Chart to determine which type or types of fire extinguishers are suitable for your needs. The chart details each type of fire extinguisher and it’s intended purpose. A tick indicates that this type of extinguisher is suitable for hazard listed, a cross indicates this fire extinguisher type cannot be used for the hazard listed. You may require a combination of fire extinguishers depending on the types of hazard that may arise. Ideally you will have completed a full hazard assessment to determine any hazard possibilities, however if you aren’t certain then feel free to contact one of our experts.

Fire ClassHazardWaterFoam Blue StripeWet Chemical Cream StripeDry Chemical White StripC02 Black Stripe

  • A

Paper, Wood, TextilesLimited

  • B

Flammable & Combustible LiquidsLimited

  • C

Flammable Gas (Propane)

  • D

Combustible Metals

  • E

Electricity Energised Equipment

  • F

Cooking Oils/Fat FiresLimited
*Limited indicates that the type of fire extinguisher is not the agent of choice for the class of fire, but it may have a limited extinguisher capability.